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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Six Myths About Libertarianism

Conservatives and everyone else should politely be put on notice that libertarians do not believe that everyone is good, nor that everyone is an all-wise expert on his own interest, nor that every individual is an isolated and hermetically sealed atom. Libertarians are not necessarily libertines or hedonists, nor are they necessarily atheists.

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At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Keith Lofstrom said...

I tend to run on like Rothbard does. Fortunately, I am restricted to this postage stamp sized text box. People make up myths about Libertarianism because we are all tyrants at birth, and most folks don't get trained otherwise. So we rationalize our evil deeds, and castigate those who would call us on it.

Libertarians fall off the wagon by inventing harm - a prelude to retaliation and the initiation of force against others. "They stole my idea", "they attacked my country", "I must protect him against himself" are all mind tricks that evoke non-Libertarian retribution in most of us. The biggest (and most solvable) problem with Libertarianism is not what other people think about us, it is what we think about ourselves.

So there you go, Terry, a comment from someone besides a click whore. Keep up the good work!


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