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Monday, October 30, 2006

Economics for the Citizen

I had the privilege of hearing a presentation by Walter Williams at the Smith Center for Economic Studies on the Cal State East Bay Campus several years ago. That presentation was a great introduction to Dr. Williams' style as a communicator, but I never took a course under him. Thanks to the Future of Freedom Foundation, anyone with a computer can now take a very quick course in basic economics presented by one of the best teachers you'll ever meet. Dr. Williams, Professor of economics at George Mason University has put together a ten-part series of lectures he uses for his microeconomics theory course and retitled it "Economics for the Citizen." Williams uses plain language, common-sense examples and his special brand of humor to make the whole thing easy to understand.  It's too bad this kind of information isn't taught to high school students, whose grasp of economic principles is often limited or non-existent. Click on the link below to take the course. There will be a test when you finish, as there is every day when you have to make decisions about how to spend your time and your money.

Economics for the Citizen


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